horse-in-black-white-11-18593Somewhere inside you
still lives a dreamer
who is ready to dream again.
~Doe Zantamata

Dreams .. the stuff life is made of. If not for dreamers the world would be locked in an abyss of forever nothingness.

CHANGE … that’s the stuff that happens when we put our dreams into reality.

Are you ready for CHANGE?

Change in your life?
Changes with your horse?
Change in your relationships?
Changes in your or your horse’s health?

We can make those changes happen … together.

Just watch and see.

“You may say I’m a dreamer
But I’m not the only one
I hope someday you’ll join us …”

~John Lennon

gwen2015Gwenyth Browning Jones Santagate and PENZANCE (Gwen’s farm on which she currently lives with her husband of 44 years in Florida/Massachusetts) have become an internationally recognized example of good and gentle horsemanship. Gwen teaches and shares, speaks and trains daily. Her studies with and of such Masters as Mark Rashid, John Lyons, Tom Dorrance, Pat Parelli, Linda Tellington Jones and others who became ‘natural horse-world names’ with the internet explosion have sprinkled her own methods of horsemanship with spice and flavor that bring life and harmony to the horse and human relationship. Her pioneering teachings of Clicker Training and Natural Hoofcare have helped to set a precedence in the world of horses today and her life continues to exhibit the examples of Good Horsemanship with each horse she encounters. Her writings and wisdom can be found with a simple search of her name online.

Look for Gwen’s courses, articles, clinics and workshops that are offered year-round both in ‘real-time’ and on the internet for distant studying. If you’re in the area then see what Gwen has to offer for private instruction and care for your horse. She still teaches horses, humans and spends many of her days helping to heal broken hearts, hooves and minds with her own heart that beats in Equine cadence. She can help YOU with your horse to build an unshakeable, winning foundation relationship of trust, respect and care.  Gwen can be reached by EMAIL or by phone, 239.573.9687. Gwen’s Curriculum vitae can be found HERE.

“Thank you Gwen, for your inspiring articles and ideas. Together with Mark Rashid, you are one of the greatest horse persons of recent times.”

“Gwen’s class was the best money I ever spent learning about how to train my horse. And, the class was remote, over the internet. I’ve been to clinics with my horse and have audited some others, but the information that I came away from PPT101 with has served as the most solid foundation, on which every other training method rests. She is creative and thinks outside of the box in her approach to horse training and is able to communicate those
practical ideas.”

“Gwen, I was expecting you to fish for me but, instead, you taught me how to fish. Thank you.”


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