Equine Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

PENZANCE’s ECBT© is a method of teaching and working with horses (and their owners) using classical and operant conditioning that changes the way they think. Changing the way they think changes the way they behave.
Barring any pain issues, behaviors such as:

  • Bucking
  • Rearing
  • Bolting
  • Balking
  • Jigging
  • Biting
  • Resistance
  • Spooking
  • “Disrespect” and other behavioral issues

are eliminated with desired behaviors replacing them and embedded into the horse’s responsive thinking in a totally non-forceful and non-aggressive manner. Most of Gwen’s teaching is done in an ‘at liberty’ situation.

ECBT© teaches and trains horses using cognitive thinking exercises and skills to facilitate progress towards desired goals.

Works with the owner to maintain a high degree of collaboration and empathy with the horse.

Helping Libby overcome her fears so she could be blanketed for upcoming storm. She was blanketed that evening with no force or restraint and stayed warm and dry during the storm.

Teaching Earl that standing at the mounting block was not going to harm him. In 20 minutes before an audience he was standing quietly at the mounting block.
CHA Regional Conference 2012

If you have a horse that is exhibiting questionable or even dangerous repetitive behaviors, please contact me at gwen.santagate@gmail.com . If you are in proximity to Cape Coral, Florida I can help you hands-on. If you are not in proximity to Cape Coral, I can help you understand the steps needed to work through your situations and coach/work with you via long distance communications through email or IM Skype. I’ve worked with people all across the globe to help them develop a true partnership with their horses.

See what some testimonials here.  See some videos of how I work with horses here.
Contact me today:  gwen.santagate@gmail.com or call 1+(508) 476-1317.

“What people do not appreciate is that every time a horse submits to pressure, whether subtle or overt, he is diminished……..If he can be persuaded to give his assent freely and pleasurably rather than give into man’s pressure or clever techniques, he is not diminished.” –Frederic Pignon