Oops — I have sorely neglected this web site but not without thought. Thinking I REALLY need to update it! And, so, here I be —

Life since January, the last entry, has been a kind of a retrospective yet prospective period of time all at the same time. I am now on the flip side of 70, soon to be 71 years old. I certainly don’t FEEL that old! However, as is the case with most humans, aging does change one’s state of being as well as one’s perspective.

Those things I used to do without thought I now execute very thoughtfully, if at all.

Like working with aggressive horses or trimming hooves or riding the 4+’ jumps (or even riding a horse at all!) … those things are either physically not possible to do any longer or they require much forethought as to if the risk is worth taking at this point in time or not. I do carry a healthy mindful of the “what ifs?” … but they no longer obsessively kidnap me as they did for awhile. Praise God for that!

However, that being said, I still have obligations and responsibilities that require daily activities that MUST be done such as … feeding horses, ponies and donkeys as well as our more benign chickens and bunnies, dogs and cats.

Tending to the gardens and helping the Hubby as much as possible with his activities. I’m not at all adverse to splitting and stacking wood for the winter, hauling out brush from the river, mowing the fields and cleaning up the river walk in our woods. I’d much rather be riding but ………………………. ha! Caught me!

Mucking stalls and paddocks – while, I’m not as particular as I used to be, I’m still rather picky-une about them. To keep my semi-sanity that chore must be done daily.

Trimming 4 or 5 sets of hooves a day is an impossibility for me at this time. I’m lucky to get 2 hooves done a day without my back and neck screaming at me to take a break! And, my hands curling up and spasming like withered old branches. HA! This is quite frustrating as I remember well the days of trimming 15 or 16 horses a day, 64 hooves, and traveling over 200 miles from barn to barn – just as a matter of course for a day – working 70 – 60 hrs a week. Well, one could say that’s why my body is in the state that it is now. But –

I wouldn’t trade those days for anything!

Being retired also means the loss of income to cover the monthly bills for feed, hay, medicinal needs, etc. etc. Social Security seems to be pretty scant these days irrespective of all the blood, sweat and tears being spent within a period of 57 years of ‘working’ …. UGH!

So …

I work another “biz” to help keep this farm running and the critters fat and happy.

I “work” Pampered Chef.

Now, my ego has taken a hit over the last couple of years — “What !?!?!? Yeah. OK, so you used to be this big-shot horsewoman known all over the globe and now you’re selling pots and pans!!??” Um, yeah. I’m being brutally frank and honest here. I’m baring my soul. Because – just like when I was teaching people how to work with their aggressive or behaviorally-challenged 1200# beasts, I have to keep reminding myself that EGO needs to be simply taken out of the picture – entirely. If you’ve ever tried to do that you know the challenges it brings! Besides – “working” Pampered Chef means I get share and tout WHOLE HEALTH COOKING & LIVING which, for anyone who knows me, is where it’s AT! Yet, at the same time, I’ve learned to be the crazy, impetuous kinda gal I’ve always been but have, for ‘professional reasons’, hidden! Now I’m truly, 100% “me” and luvin’ it! (I’m actually luvin’ “me”! And that’s a first in my 71 years!)

My ‘mission’ is now to “inspire, encourage and support women of all ages who are struggling with authenticity and letting go of others’ expectations to simply and joyfully become the very best version of themselves.”

HOW? Through helping them get past their own limiting beliefs to the point where they KNOW that nothing is impossible when they put their minds to it AND, of course, when they hook up with God.

Yep — with God. For nothing is impossible for God.
Not even learning to love yourself.
And that’s the truth.

So, whether it’s working with them and the horses or working with them in the kitchen or working with them to start their own magnificent biz … I’m helping.

And that, my friends, is what I was born to do.

So come along with me as I grow this new chapter in my life (which may be the very last chapter – who knows?) … I’ll have LOTS TO SHARE with you about WHOLE HEALTH LIVING!!! Recipes, tips, tricks to make life FUN and profitable in some way at the same time … suggestions for healing your mind, bodies and spirits … with or without horses. In or out of the kitchen.

All with the solid foundation of hookin’ up with God and His Son and Spirit.
In an everyday way, that is …

‘Til next time – mucho Blessings and see ya on the flip side! STAY TUNED!


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