Health Politics


I grew up with a Mom who ate vitamins like candy; made me sandwiches on whole wheat or whole grain bread instead of Sunbeam White Bread and put apples and oranges in my lunchbox instead of Hostess Twinkies. We had ‘desserts’ only for special holidays; snacks consisted of 2 cookies or 1 scoop of ice cream … food was measured and, more than likely, fresh from the garden or farmstand during the summer and the best known “brand names” during the winter time.

Medicine for a belly ache was a TBSP of Apple Cider Vinegar in an 8 oz. glass of water. Or, a glass of REAL ginger-ale or some ginger tea.

I don’t remember bottle of prescription meds in our house. In fact, I think in all of my years I only saw my Mom go to the Drs. or had the Dr. at our house just twice. (Yes, back then Drs. made “House Calls”)  Dad NEVER got sick and when he did? He’d simply stay in bed for a day and then was right back at it the next day. No big deal. (as they got older, tho, into their 60’s, things began to change and their health began to change. The food industry was then ramping up the preservatives, the chemicals, the artificial ingredients in Mom’s favorite “name brand” foods … and so the circle began … Drs., prescriptions, more health issues  … all those years they were healthy until … well, you put two and two together. )

Let me mention a MAJOR FACTOR in today’s health of BOTH our ‘human population’ as well as our ‘critter population …


But ‘back then’ the ‘brand names’, even though processed and refined, were not the lethal weapons sold in grocery markets today – filled with chemical preservatives, artificial flavorings, GMO flours, deadly corn syrup … well, you get the idea.

Today’s food is absolutely adulterated with 4 and 5 syllable names for chemicals; gene are adulterated and altered; margarine is one step of processing away from being plastic — and even our rice (as you’ll read) from China IS … plastic.

Our ‘food’ is not real. Neither are our medicines.

The best weapon is knowledge. Sound, true, unadulterated reported facts.

That’s what you’ll find here .. facts.

Take them as you will.

MY best shot for you?


If you don’t know what’s on the ingredient label, DON’T EAT IT! DON’T PUT IT INTO YOUR BODY!

One better — don’t eat ANY processed foods at all. Zip, nada, none.

Homeopathics, Herbs, Essential oils, Organic substances … PLANTS = FOOD = MEDICINE!

Eat FRESH, eat RAW at least 80% of your meals, eat CERTIFIED ORGANIC or grow your own as much as you can. (You can grow a garden in a kiddie pool that would sustain much of your daily ‘bread’.)

FOOD (and food derivatives) is the first “go to” for WHOLE HEALTH and NATURAL SOLUTIONS.

It’s sad that we are so fraught with artificial foods and, in some cases (think Raw Milk and Cheese) we are not “allowed” to sell or purchase raw foods in some states or even compost our own veggie waste (peelings, seeds, egg shells, etc) in our backyard to help grow our own.

It’s beyond sad … it’s criminal. it’s horrific.

The health crisis in this country is, in my humble opinion, strictly MAN-MADE; and is being propagated through mainstream media who is in bed with Uncle Sam.

It’s a criminal state of affairs. It’s a horrific state of affairs.

In this section I will be bringing to you the ‘meat of the matter’ … so stay tuned and KEEP INFORMED!