Adding articles daily with alternative and complementary healing solutions for man and beast, nutrition, recipes, health politics and more!

My passion is to teach and help others with their horses AND their own health and “happiness”.

Whether it be in mind, body or spirit …

The definition of “health”?

To be totally healthy is to be free of dis-ease in mind, body, and spirit.”

I teach through classes both online and in real time, workshops, clinics, one on one coaching, mentoring … I do my best to accommodate individual’s specific needs in a manner that best suits their personality, time and affordability.

I can’t help but share what I’ve learned over the course of 50+ years with horses and humans … its simply part of ‘me’ to share and teach.

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I can easily be reached via email: gwen.santagate@gmail.com
or by phone (239) 573-9687