Using ** PENZANCE BODYWORKS©, Nutrition & Diet, Homeopathy and Herbs plus assessing Husbandry practices, Gwen helps the horse rebalance his own body and mind to the pure, inherent state of health in which the horse is created. When a horse is healthy throughout MIND, BODY & SPIRIT then he can move & perform at his highest levels. Relieving muscles spasms, trigger points, transforming cellular messaging and affecting the structures of deep stress and pain brings the body back into a state of homeostasis (balance) that helps to maintain a constant internal environment even in the face of change.

Gwen also works with the horses’ ownersImage13to teach them simple massages that will help keep the horse in perfect health as well as help prevent imbalances that can spoil the horse’s performance.

** Combination of Acupressure, Masterson Method (Neuromuscular Release), Stretching/Flexing, Stress & Trigger Point Releases, ROMs, TTOUCH, Photonic Therapy, Electro & Energy Acupuncture, Quantum Touch, intuitive hands-on energy healing, Emotional/PTSD release as individual horse requires.